The lotus

14 ديسمبر

You can’t really explain the attachment you have towards a place, without having any kind of strong history or memories related to it, but when it    comes to Cairo, nothing seems to be logical

Our beloved and charming hotel in Cairo located at the center of the center, was built in the first half of the 20th century maintaining at some level the beautiful art deco details it used to have. But most important the soul of the old lotus

I was so moved when I saw these photos of the old lotus, specially the bar, it makes you think about the people who used to hang out there, what were they talking about, movies, politics, art… as far as I know, politics took a big part of me and my friends conversations there, specially with 3m Abdu the bartender… such a lovely man

the furniture is the same, the bar’s ceiling and walls are covered with fake wood now, but the feeling when you enter this place is anything  but fake

 Checkout the mirror and the chairs… ❤


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